How To Combine Contemporary And Traditional Furniture For Mexports Designs?

Contemporary furniture can be defined by its clean lines, sleek profiles, and focus on functionality. Traditional furniture, on the other hand, portrays inspiration from historical styles and often features intricate details with handcrafted workmanship.

Have you ever thought they could be harmoniously combined to create a unique and inviting space?

Travertine Table -Round Coffee  Contemporary Iron Table Base-1265AAA

Travertine Table -Round Coffee Contemporary Iron Table Base-1265AAA

Combining contemporary and traditional furniture allows you to enjoy the benefits of both styles. Contemporary pieces offer a sense of modernity and sophistication, while traditional pieces bring warmth and character.

Mexports by Susana Molina offers contemporary and traditional furniture to help you mix contemporary and traditional interior design. Their designers are experts in creating cohesive and inviting spaces that fascinate you.

Step 1: Understanding contemporary and traditional furniture style

The following features primarily distinguish contemporary and traditional furniture styles. 

Feature Contemporary Traditional
Lines Clean, sleek, and minimalist Ornate, intricate, and detailed
Profiles Slim, streamlined, and low-profile Bulky, substantial, and high-profile
Functionality Emphasis on practicality and efficiency Focus on aesthetics and elegance
Materials Innovative and modern materials like metal, glass, and plastics Natural materials like wood, leather, and upholstery
Inspiration Draws inspiration from current trends and design movements Draws inspiration from historical styles and periods

Contemporary furniture introduces minimalism along with incorporating modern materials and innovative construction techniques. Their design is proposed to be versatile and adaptable to various decors.

However, traditional pieces are often crafted from premium-quality materials and demonstrate antique woodworking techniques.


Step 2: Current furniture analysis

Patio Contemporary Travertine Coffee Table , Wrought Iron Base -1240 AAA

Patio Contemporary Travertine Coffee Table, Wrought Iron Base -1240 AAA

Current furniture analysis includes contemporary design’s modern aesthetic or traditional styles’ elegance. Mexports has everything for you.

For example, the Contemporary Mesquite Wood Rectangular Dining Table showcases modern design’s clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. It features a rectangular shape with a sleek design that complements any contemporary dining space since it’s crafted from solid mesquite wood with a natural finish.

On the flip side, the Mesquite Round Dining Table with Iron Base reflects traditional appeal with its intricate carvings and rich wood tones. The table features a round top crafted from solid mesquite wood that upholds the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Step 3: Style identification for the furniture

Style identification for the furniture is crucial for Combining two designs. Contemporary furniture features a sleek, minimalist aesthetic with low-profile designs and innovative materials.

Susana Molina suggests that refined metal, colorful glasses, and high-end plastics are used here to create a sense of spaciousness and modernity. Neutral tones serve as a calming backdrop here, while pops of color add vibrancy and personality.

Traditional furniture exposes an aura of elegance and enduring beauty with its intricate details, handcrafted elements, and substantial proportions. Its warm tones, rich finishes, and earthy hues create a sense of warmth and sophistication.

Natural materials like wood, leather, and upholstery give users a sense of authentic craftsmanship and heritage. Thankfully, Susana Molina’s style in Mexports offers you exactly that.

Step 4: Choose Where to Mix Styles

As Susana Molina designs his diverse furniture options in Mexports, it allows you to experiment with this fusion. You can either mix modern and traditional living rooms or modern and traditional dining rooms.

One effective approach is incorporating a contemporary piece, such as the Contemporary Rectangular Sofa Table in Hammered Copper, into a room with traditional accents. This customization will create a dynamic focal point while preserving the overall warmth and elegance of the space. 

Another strategy could be mixing contemporary and traditional elements within specific furniture groups. How about pairing a sleek, contemporary coffee table, such as the Contemporary Travertine Stone Round Coffee Table, with traditional armchairs? The outcome will be outstanding since it’ll add a touch of modern flair to a classic seating arrangement.

Step 5: Consider the color scheme of existing and Mexport furniture

Consider the color scheme of existing and Mexport furniture by knowing how to blend modern and traditional decor. Expert Molina suggests that contemporary pieces best suit neutral tones like white and gray.

Just imagine traditional furniture with white and gray color. It won’t be pleasant to your eyes, I assure you. For traditional pieces, think about warmer hues like rich browns, deep reds, and earthy greens.

Consider using neutral shades as a unifying element when placing contemporary furniture into a traditional space. These understated colors provide a calming backdrop for traditional pieces’ intricate details and rich finishes.

Pair contemporary furniture with bold accent colors for a more dramatic contrast. The selection of red or blue can add vibrancy to a traditional room. You can also pick yellow or green to bring nature-inspired energy. 

Step 6: Integrate furniture

The furniture design expert Susana Molina says that integrating furniture involves pairing sleek metals with traditional wood or contemporary upholstery with classic fabric. This proximity creates a visually appealing contrast.

Pairing Mexports’ High-End Rectangular Travertine Coffee Table with a traditional armchair establishes a dynamic balance between modern lines and classic elegance. The sleek travertine top with the coffee table’s metal frame complements the armchairs’ intricate details and warm finishes.

It also creates a vivid impression with the iron finish of rust dark brown, Coppertone, vintage silver, choco Silver, and chocolate espresso. As a result, a harmonious focal point in the living room is created.

Step 7: Coordinate Shapes

Designer Oval Rustic Coffee Tables Chic Intricate Cream Travertine Top- 1257 AA

Designer Oval Rustic Coffee Tables Chic Intricate Cream Travertine Top- 1257 AA

Coordinating contemporary and traditional furniture shapes is significant for a cohesive and visually appealing look. Consider integrating unconventional and conventional shapes.

It could pair a sleek, square-shaped coffee table with a traditional armchair. If the armchairs feature curved armrests, the more balance is achieved.

Luckily, Susana Molina offers you that in his furniture shop. Mexport’s traditional pieces often feature curved lines and intricate details, while contemporary designs favor clean lines and minimalist forms.

Creating a balanced and visually pleasing composition with your preferred shape is up to you.

Step 8: Visualize Design

Visualize the final design before transforming your blend of contemporary and traditional furniture into a reality. Susana Molina always suggests utilizing mockups or visualizations to observe how the different elements interact in a real-world setting.

This proactive approach will help you to detect any imbalances and make necessary adjustments before the ultimate arrangement. You can also seek suggestions from interior design experts or individuals with a delicate eye for aesthetics.

Step 9: choose the right furniture from Susana Molina’s Mexport

Choosing the right furniture from Mexports requires utilizing some focal factors.

Utilizing Focal Points:

1. Selecting standout contemporary and traditional pieces

Selecting contemporary and traditional pieces, such as a modern sofa with a bold accent color or a contemporary coffee table with a unique design, is always welcomed. 

Or, you can go for a piece with intricate details and rich finishes. It could be an ornately carved sofa or a traditional dining table with a timeless aesthetic. 

2. Guiding the viewer’s focus to highlight the fusion

Guiding the viewer’s focus to highlight the fusion is significant to uphold the proper aestheticism of your Mexport furniture.

Position focal points of your furniture in areas where they can be easily admired. It could be the center of a living room or the head of a dining table.

Balance and Contrast:

Balance contemporary focal points with traditional accents, and vice versa, to create a dynamic and visually appealing contrast.

Play of Proportions

Combine large traditional pieces with smaller contemporary accents to visually balance the space and draw attention to specific areas.


Step 10: Refine Through Iteration

Refining through iteration involves making adjustments based on feedback until a harmonious design is achieved.

What is the significance of combining contemporary and traditional furniture in Mexports designs?

Combining contemporary and traditional furniture in Mexports designs creates a dynamic and visually appealing contrast. Its significance is in evolving tastes and preferences of modern living spaces.

Are there specific design software or tools that can assist in visualizing the combination of styles?

Yes, several design software programs and tools can help you visualize the combination of contemporary and traditional furniture styles. Some of the popular options are:

  • Autodesk Homestyler
  • Planner 5D
  • RoomStyler

Can I combine contemporary and traditional furniture in small living spaces without overwhelming the room?

Absolutely! Combining contemporary and traditional furniture in small living spaces can be done effectively. Opt for furniture that is scaled appropriately for the size of your space. 

Strategically placed mirrors can make a small space feel larger and reflect light. How about going for light-colored walls and furniture? It’ll create a bright and airy feel that makes the space appear larger.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when combining these two design styles?

  • Oversaturating the space with too many pieces of styles
  • Clashing colors and patterns may generate a terrible look
  • Using substantial pieces in small spaces may destroy the room’s aestheticism. 

Key summary

  • The mixture of contemporary and traditional furniture creates a dynamic and timeless aesthetic.
  • Prioritize functionality, scale, and color harmony to create an inviting living space.
  • Utilize focal points to guide the viewer’s focus and highlight the styles.
  • Refine the design by seeking feedback and making adjustments for a fabulous result.
  • Avoid oversaturation, color clashes, and scale imbalances to prevent an overwhelming look.



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