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Hello, Welcome home!

I am Susana Molina and on this occasion, I want to share with you the experience that I have accumulated over more than
25 years in the field of high-end furniture design.

As the creator of the Mexports by Susana Molina brand, I am proud to offer our clients only high-quality, unique pieces, made by creative hands, that transmit a heritage of love with style and originality.

There have been years of work and commitment that today allow me to enjoy recognition as one of the best Latin fine furniture designers in the country.

For this reason, I share with you that Mexports, Inc. is a prestigious reference, not only in Laredo, TX and the region, and our pieces have crossed borders to provide comfort and beautify spaces in different places around the world.
Each product we offer is a set of elements: fine woods, beautiful fabrics, aromas, colors, textures and lines that define the final result: distinction with unmatched quality and beauty.

As part of my business growth project, today I share with you another intention that allows me to immerse you in this world of design and experiences that deserve to be enjoyed, personally or as a family. I focused my intention on building, decorating and furnishing every home in the United States.

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