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My Story With Mexportsinc

Susana Molina is the woman behind Mexportsinc. His 25 years of experience in furniture design and making ensure heirloom-quality furniture that will always transcend trends. The quality, unique design, and dedication to this industry have allowed him to be recognized as one of the country's best fine Latin furniture designers. She designs each piece of furniture with user comfort, budget, and diversity in mind. The result is a unique masterpiece. That’s why Susana Molina's popularity has surpassed the national region's borders. Her furniture is now famous across the globe.

My Story With Mexportsinc

Free delivery

Mexports offers free shipping within the U.S., making it easier for customers to enjoy their handcrafted luxury furniture without additional costs.

Quality Product

Mexports offers custom design services that allow clients to create unique, handcrafted furniture tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

We Custom Furniture

Mexports showcases exceptional quality craftsmanship through meticulously handcrafted furniture using natural materials.

24/7 Support

We offer live chat support to assist customers with their inquiries in real-time. This feature ensures immediate and personalized assistance, enhancing the shopping experience.

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Rules for choosing furniture

Furniture is merely a piece of just wood and fabric. It is the silent orchestra creating emotions and memories of your loved ones.

Each piece of furniture tells a story of you and your family. Choosing the right furniture type is important to stifle the flow of emotions. So, choose the furniture wisely to turn your home from a simple stage into a masterpiece of elegance.

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Furniture is the essence of your home’s soul. It waves the narrative of comfort, style, and functionality. That’s why Mexportsinc offers a variety of furniture online to suit your home design and style. You will find the right furniture here to create a comfortable workstation or a relaxing room environment. We have a large collection of furniture for homes and offices with small or medium rooms and a traditional or modern look.

Mexportsinc is an artist of
furniture art.

Furniture is the canvas where you write the story of your life. Mexportsinc takes furniture manufacturing to the next level to match your unique needs. Our furniture is top in quality and high in durability. It will improve the room's functionality, enrich your living experiences, and enhance the elegance worthy of admiration and envy. From stunning Coffee Tables to comfortable sofas - everything is available right in front of you in our online store. All the furniture is meticulously crafted with attention to detail to meet your expectations. The materials, manufacturing techniques, crafting tools, and packaging are done with extra care to ensure durability, comfort, and visual appeal.

Custom Order

Mexports Inc. - where elegance meets craftsmanship. We are experienced in designing custom furniture to reflect your style and functionality. Customize coffee, dining, side, and bar tables from Mexports Inc. with quality materials such as travertine and wrought iron. Pick from versatile finish and storage solutions. Take your beloved home to the next height of elegance and sophistication with unique designs.
For a custom furniture order, please provide the desired dimensions, materials, and design in your order. Click the button below or email us with your customized preferences. We will contact you to proceed. Our team will communicate to understand your expectations and requirements completely so that we can deliver the best result.

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