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Bestseller Hammer Copper Oval Coffee Table -Iron tables 1239 AAOC OVAL


The oval shaped pure copper top is conscientiously hand hammered by the ace artisans which gives it an individualized texture that will be second to none. The rustic appearance of the artfully hand beaten oval top will mesmerizingly embellish any room you assign the table to. This is one of those artsy tables which gorgeously complement a variety of interiors. Copper, which is cherished for exhibiting antimicrobial properties, gives the table an astonishing aspect that will be accoladed unanimously by your acquaintances.

Hammer Top Oval Copper Coffee Table -1215AAOC


The Hammer Top Oval Copper Coffee Table will provide you an immense sense of pleasure and satisfaction during your coffee hour.

Unique Design Hammer Copper Oval Coffee Table-1257AAOC


Symbolic craftsmanship of eccentricity and regal sophistication, this ensemble of a coffee table is stationed a show stopper with its novel fabrication and noteworthy stature.