Mexports’ exquisite high-end furniture are quintessential destination forum where customers can choose diverse styled oxidized or natural hammered copper patina table tops and variant furniture, the list is innumerable.


Copper, a material that is versatile as well as sturdy provides us with a multitude of options. From offering to dazzle the room with small accents of décor to grand statement pieces that are beyond what words can describe, copper justifies its versatility. Whilst its durability, natural beauty, and soft reflective qualities, our furniture artists choose copper to brighten up the modern décor and spruce up the surroundings with a glamorous overtone. Touted as the new wood, copper forged furniture designs are gaining in popularity, emerging in showrooms and contemporary and modern homes across the country. As the years have passed by the designers have started engaging in decors that proffers aesthetic appeal to the mainstream design of the rooms.

Shine and a cluster of copper

Forbye copper is a reddish metal that reflects red and orange light and absorbs other frequencies in the visible spectrum due to its band structure, a property that aids in exhibiting the lustrous and glorious looks the metal produces. In addition to its durability and ductility, the chromatic look of the metal harbors owing to its wide palette ranging from brown to red to green, appeals to the eyes of every onlooker. The finished luster of the copper, matching the bright new penny, with a brushed and buffed look offers a wide field for its creative use in interior design. The beauty of copper enhances the aesthetic aura of the space. The moist air aids in the formation of a greenish surface film, the patina, a coating that protects the metal. Copper occurs in nature in metallic form and it is alloyed purposefully.


Alongside proving the finished product with longevity, it satisfies the requirements of recyclability and eco-compatibility.


Nonetheless copper is really indestructible and one of the softest metals that evolve into a beautiful patina. The weather acts as a protectant. Copper never rusts or disintegrates the metal. Industrial-grade copper is used to work on a hand-hammered rustic patina with a heat-applied process. The copper is wrapped around the tabletop so seams aren’t visible, it’s made super cold so the burn marks appear. The copper is also oxidized to form a green Verdigris. Copper is used as a decorative art in elementary metal form as well as wood preservatives. Since copper reacts to the elements differently, each one becomes unique.


Resilience and resistance of copper

The resilience and resistance of the metal forbids the formation of rust thereby impeding the metal from corroding or tarnishing. This property just furthers the process of cementing its outdoor usage without any worries of impairment and abrasions. This aids in the longevity of the furniture which can be entrusted the quest to the last generations.

Easy maintenance


These copper-forged furniture are amongst the most easy maintenance pieces of articles that with only the assistance of soapy water and a cloth, hands in the desired result of a smudge-free surface. A material that does not stain and hence eases the distress of smearing or splattering the surface with unwanted specks and blemishes.


Antimicrobial property

Anti-microbial properties of copper

With a plethora of characteristics and features, copper doesn’t fail to instill awe, and its anti-microbial property just adds to its appeal. This inherent ability stifles and zaps the microbes housing on the surface thereby preventing the chances of proliferating any infection.


Its ironic rustic appearance has contributed it to being a staple of designers and artists. The metal has been the choice of many owing to its unique and opulent allure. Its classic build gives it the mien of a precious artwork. The perks and appanages of the versatile attributes of the metals are just an added bonus to its tantalizing looks. All in all the rustic craftsmanship makes a statement of its own as the durability of the metal speaks a story themed with class and durability.


Hammered bar

Natural Hammered Copper


The blacksmith drudge by forging the wrought iron until the metal flatters to a softer version for molding with hand tools like a hammer. Copper is shiny and soft and owing to its high malleability and soft nature it can be forged in the shape of varied forms very splendidly. In the manufacturing process, the smiths mold the metal by hammering with hand they even use the punching and cutting method when trimming the waste. The smith turns the hammer over to use a flat face to hammer the top of the piece and then turns the hammer to down level with the bottom of the indentations. This forces the metal to grow faster in length than just hammering with a flat hammer.


Manufactured from solid sheets of copper that foster the patina colors ranging from shades of red to brown to green. The specific coloration is achieved either by a chemical process or the fire and water methods.


The copper, hand hammered in a dense fashion creates a look that gives the furniture a superior and elevated twist. The wax coating on the top alongside keeping intact the warmth and the richness protects the surface from stains and scratches. The complete ensemble harboring a rustic appearance and laudable finesse gives a natural grace to the room.

Hand hammering of the copper sheet

Oxidized Hammered Copper


Oxidation of copper films is consecrated at different temperatures for a variable duration. The dressed copper goes in the fire and is subsequently brought near to welding heat removed from the fire and brushed. The smiths now watch carefully to avoid overheating of the metal as they have to see the color of the metal and remove it from fire exposing it to the air.


The smiths rapidly oxidize it and at the mating phase, they place the metal in the fire see to if it gets heated surrounded by the air that contacts the surface. The smiths don’t always use flux. Pronto they remove with rapid purpose quickly taking the metal from the fire to the anvil and bringing the mating faces together. A few light hammer taps bring the mating faces into complete contact and squeeze out the flux. Plus now finally they return the work to the fire as the weld begins with the taps of the hand hammer to finally dress it to the shape.


Oxidized copper Coffee table

Hand hammered furniture

The beauty and charisma of the hand-hammered furniture lie in its perfect imperfections. The masterpiece harboring a bevy of small dents provides the article with a characteristic texturized appearance that is impossible to achieve by the mechanics of a machine. Patterns, ranging from small and tight to large and light, proffer the furniture with a random textural effect or a natural weather veneer. The ensemble is perfectly garnished with a classic and timeless charm. A look clashing the prim and proper furniture with its lived-in distressed and easy-going finesse. A vast category of styles and trends, spanning from industrial to contemporary to rustic can be achieved just by the deviation in the pattern of hammering. These textured pieces of hand-hammered metals can be employed to model articles of décor paneling from tools and chairs to tables.


Hand-hammered coffee table


The hand-hammered copper furniture is visually appealing as it is highly skilled in artistic pursuit by our skilled craftsmen. The world’s most distinguished and Modern furniture relies on copper. The hand-hammered oxidized copper is a famous trait of its display from metallic color to brown, black, greenish, mahogany, plum, and ebony. Copper has earned a respected place in the world of furniture. These furniture are heavy waterproof and very light to carry indoors as per our choice.

This high-end furniture reflects antiquity as well as a modern charm that marks contemporary trends.


At Mexports by Susana Molina we work very best to provide the best kinds of furniture as it alongside harbouring that regal and charismatic undertone has extremely long durability. The furniture forged with skilled precision by old-world techniques, spices the Western-themed room and offers a level beyond the orthodox decor. Not many types of non-metal furniture can remain outside during winter and rainy season arrival but our furniture can bear all types of climatic changes as well. They are heat and rust-resistant and do not need much maintenance as well. They are complete visual art and classy in appearance and are attractively and intricately detailed in the designs. They are of sufficient quality to be compared to the best kinds of furniture with the elegance to be held by the charm at a glance. Whatever your style, shed some new light on your home decor with the beauty of copper. These beautifully crafted copper furniture pieces add a timeless elegance to any home and are perfect for passing down through the generations.


Susana Molina 

Owner – Mexports 


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