Is travertine out of style

The paraphernalia that spawn your environs are those that beguile you and ameliorate you to canonize your condominium. Travertine is one of those denouments that can be recycled for jillion fettles right through your viscera and swivels pulchritudinous derelict of how it’s wormed. It’s fortuitous how travertine shingles can glamorize your home.


Travertine is a conspicuously tantalizing silhouette of limestone. It is a sinewy,  marmoreal-like woofed, and enticing glebe-toned emblem making it solitarily the well-neighed faddish mansory worn for ziggurats paraphernalia. Factually, much of the travertine passed down in architectonics and artistry came from the palisade of Italy, but today, most of the travertine depleted from Peru Mexico, Turkey, China, and Iran.


In an arrangement where limestone is accrued by the natural process of mineral springs, travertine is formed. It often has a fibrous or concentric appearance and even rusty assortments. Formed by a course of speedy precipitation of calcium carbonate often at the aperture of a scorching spring as in a limestone cavern. The word Travertine is derived from the Italian word travertine is frequently used in Italy in numerous things.


A prompt way to complement texture to a room is travertine allied furniture. It’s a prodigious neutral and it couples well with footing of any material. The stone is as nifty as it is enduring. Travertine reinvents itself to acclimate to the novel constructional and architectural notions demanded by contemporary time’s architecture.



There are skimpy chattels, like olives or hooch, that a few plebeians just vero cognate, whoop it a bequeathed sapidity. Travertine is the pinkish, brownish stone that remotely doted on a hefty sluice of prevalence in the 80s and is aforethought one of those things. Nevertheless, it procured another kismet.


Travertine is an exigent way to annex woof to a room. It is a colossal nonchalant and it yokes well with any other corporeal. And the more motley habiliments you can use in a room, the more put-together, eloquent, and splendiferous it will savor. It’s a wieldly way to make your home insinuate a little like an old-school Italian villa without transgressing to lime-washing your palisade.


Travertine is gettable in a multifarious throng of colors due to the comportment of minerals midst its embodiment. It is most recurrently endowed in enticing earth tones such as beige, brown, red, orange, and yellow. Travertine ambits in color from the skims of Italian Travertino Alabastrino to the dark browns of Travertino Bronzo to the rich reds of Travertino Rosso Persiano.


Notwithstanding, we reckon this admix of vintage and ultramodern finds make this time-honored material feel impeccably fresh.


Cream Travertine Vein-Cut

Style/Texture and Beauty/Benefits


Travertine, which is commonly used for furniture tops, is available in four basic textures along with beauty and benefits.


Style & Textures

1. Brushed: Brushed travertine has a dull and gloomy finish due to wire skirmish treatment.
2. Honed: Honed travertine is semi-matte and semi-glossy, producing a sensible, faintly refined look.

3. Polished: Glossy and smooth, polished travertine is an attention-grabbing, urbane chic.
4. Tumbled: Tumbled travertine is treated to look hoary and pastoral, introducing a style doorway to the antique sphere.

Beauty & Benefits

1. Beauty: The lavish, classical beauty of travertine is impossible to deny.
2. Durability: With proper treatment and maintenance, travertine holds up against scratching and cracking, perfect for furniture tops and flooring.
3. Value: Travertine increases the value ahead.


Some of the virtuosos of travertine


There is no denying that travertine is one of the most beautiful natural stone materials you can find. Installing it can visually enhance any part of your home.




The stone is very adaptable to different areas of the house. You can use travertine inside or outside, and the stone works well with various color schemes.


Many Color and Finish Options


While not as many as a stone like granite, travertine is available in a beautiful range of softer colors. You will also have various finish options to choose from.


Travertine Furniture Collection @ Mexports


– Travertine Oval Coffee Tables
Travertine Round Coffee Tables
– Travertine Rectangular Coffee Tables
– Travertine Round Dining Tables
– Conference Desks & Tables
– Sofa Tables & Cabinets
– Travertine Console & Entryway Tables
– Travertine Side & Foyer Tables
– Travertine Cabinet and buffet Tables
– Travertine Bar Tables & Kitchen Islands

Here are a few exquisite furniture from our assemblage at Mexports:


Dining Table


Travertine is idle in making dining table tops. Encumbered with an aberrant look of furniture staples an affirmation of its own.  Effortless and uniquely designed this chiseled travertine dining table with a  chocolate base finish gives it a contemporary outlook. An exceptional level of craftsmanship is reflected in the table’s elegantly embossed top and ribbed base. With a round top and hand-chiseled grooves, the dining table creates a beautiful setting for a small gathering. The unconventional overtone will yield salutations and amass richness in the area dinery.

Coffee Table


Sumptuous coffee travertine table along with a chic demeanour this snippet of furniture coerces an allure of its own. Unobtrusive and demiurgic the table is designed in an ellipsoidal and is die-casted out of iron. The travertine marble countertop which is a scintillating imbue of peach grasps the countertop which is affixed on top of an iron skeleton which is convoluted in a flamboyance. The schematic look is surpassed by uncanny design. The dark rust-brown iron finish gives it a magnoliaceous panorama. It is a utopian ringer for your sheath.

The travertine stone comes in an excerpt of finishes for adjuration to each habitués devoir and hankering.

*Tumbled* is a denouement that repurchases light and proffers the dexterity to have marginally rotund crooks that give it a non-pareil guise. This denouement has a superannuated adjuration, and those destitute travertine tiles in a subtle color, this one is paradisiac.


*The brushed finish* has both the boons of the grind and keel veneer. The tiles are rather fabricated and the colour is muted. It gives a nice chic look without being chintzy.


*Polished* is the agleam cessation for travertine. Many relish it owing to its entrancing look. It is observed that glistening travertine closely mirrors marble. Undeterred by its opulent look.


Variant & Durability


Travertine all around the world is known for its consistent colors long streaks and elegance. It’s available in many different shades of beige white cream red and gold. Each piece of travertine is unique in markings patterns and color variations. With proper maintenance, our tabletop with travertine can last for a very long time as its durability is high in nature. Different types and shades of Travertine used for decorative purposes are Victoria Falls, Noche, Rossa, Titanium, Tra onyx, Walnut, River Wave, Silver Machine, Vatican, Giallo persiano, Magma Gold, and Silver.


Peach Travertine Cross-Cut



Marble blocks are saw-cut into slabs. Small marble blocks will be processed by simple disc saws to produce marble slabs. Medium and large marble blocks will be processed by gang saws and will be typically used to produce standard 2-cm thick one-side-polished marble slabs.  Therefore, marble blocks produced during the early stage will often need to be treated with resin to ensure final product quality. This will double the polishing time needed as the slabs will need to be polished twice. As marble quality improves with mining depth, this added polishing step will be reduced to a limited level.



Marble slab production processes include saw cutting,  drying or adhibiting repairing or masking,  curing,  polishing, and warehousing. The raw material has been precision cut into clean shapes fitted together in a sculptural piece that is a true work of art. It gives additional elegance to the furniture adding classy charm that is intrinsic to the modern style of furniture. The construction of stone-faced furniture with travertine came into the trend with an Italian breakthrough.




We at the fashionable house of Mexports by Susana Molina have the motto that if a thing is beautiful its design is purposeful and with clarity. As the travertine stone is becoming more popular every year we are working our best to create out of it as it gives a distinctive feel.  We at Mexports give more attention to the soft look which is perfect for relaxing in any area where our furniture is kept. The table top designed by us shows the uniqueness of our craftsmen who give the artistic creation for the customers to cherish the furniture from Mexports by Susana Molina. The skilled workers make every move very cautiously and with high precision. Each stone is uniquely crafted with striking patterns and different veining.


Moreover, it’s easy to clean and does not require much effort to be taken care of. It provides a decade of beauty and attraction. It blends easily with accent color and virtually any decor style. It’s a great investment that increases your home’s aesthetic appeal and is great as per the current market value, durable enough to pass on to the generation.


If you are contemplating an alluring innate stone that is felicitous for both sedentary and Alfresco use,  travertine is an exemplary choice. The innate stone will make any sphere you install it in more optically beseeching. As long as you are leery and take decent care of the stone, your travertine can look prodigious for many years. From countertops to coffee tables, there is truly no area of the house that travertine cannot emend.



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