what is mesquite wood used for

We frequently get the question what is mesquite wood used for? We will answer all the possible things for mesquite wood. Concocted from small, spiky trees of the genus Prosopis, Mesquite wood belongs to the kinfolk of peas. Mesquite tree, termed a ‘tree of life’, renders sustenance in an ecologically punitive zone. They have been determined from South America through Mexico to the southwestern United States. Mesquite has essential nitrogen-fixing attributes for loam conservation, and honey mesquite is a precious bee-attracting plant in particular. Mesquite has a wondrous chronicle that stretches centuries and is one of the natural resources of Texas that has aided civilization. Every log of mesquite wood displays its own unique grain pattern and tinge which highlights its natural voluptuousness. Each piece exhibits unique characteristics including natural edges, borehole fillings, etc. The stable nature of wood doesn’t allow for buckle or split.

Mesquite Furniture

Exceedingly prevalent for good reason, Mesquite furniture is long-lasting, sturdy, and just shrieks Texas which marks it the perfect benevolent of wood for furniture. Mesquite is one of the most beautiful woods, making it impeccable for consumption in furniture, and everyone who’s ever bought a Mesquite furniture piece is stunned at just how relaxed it is to conserve and how durable it is. Obtaining Mesquite furniture is a life-long asset. In other words, we can say that Mesquite wood is a distinctive and exclusive Texas variety with outstanding attractiveness and stiffness. Its grander integrity makes it a supreme choice for robust, long-lasting table tops and countertops. The genuine, bucolic wood uplifts the region and Southern décor in any scope and adds a sincere, comfy sheen. Gorgeously inlaid furniture using premium mesquite wood, mowed from exceptional ranges, hand-inlay procedure and accomplished craftsmen yield exclusive furniture that is not only tremendously fine-looking but very resilient and estimated to sustain for generations.


It is only within the last two decagons that mesquite wood has wax grooves on for its dynamite peculiarity and allure. Its mettle encompasses swooshing iota and a miscellany of colors, and desultory mystic gremlins such as ingrown bark, mineral dash, insect lentigo, and veiled buds. In the 19th Century, European colonists intended hubs and ambit for wagon ratchets from Mesquite, in conjunction with ribs for meager schooners. Mesquite dike posts were not feigned by blight or aphids. At the present moment, buyers can procure mesquite furniture. The wood is eminently august for its mileage in rotisserie or smoking. It divulges a zest that is impervious to get an auxiliary groove. The soot from weald in an inglenook, as well as acquaintance with the fine dust, has mustered dermatitis in some personages. The gum in the wood ostensibly has nuisance chattels.


Mexports particularises in hand-crafted mesquite furniture contrived to ensemble your rigorous stipulations. The ambit,  coarseness, and veneers are shaped acquiesced to your druthers. Mexports consuetude mesquite wood furniture cullings include mesquite countertops, dining tables,  coffee tables, conference desks, cabinets, and more.


Mesquite wood is an idiosyncratic and wholly Texas potpourri with aberrant allure and aplomb. Its dandy candor makes it a quintessential cull for sturdy, long-lasting tables,  and countertops. Natural knots, whorls, and color strokes in the wood limn an amply aged weave while the gleaming, silken finish makes a bland, perdurable shoal to work on. The veritable, austere wood hoists county and Southern décor in any room and adds a snug, ostentatious patina.


Handcrafted Solid Mesquite Wood Furnishings for Lasting Elegance. Our fine Mesquite furniture has the unique ability to captivate an entire room and radiate its warmth and rustic beauty throughout. Mesquite wood has the same properties as other fine hardwoods, making it a favorite of custom woodworkers for creating quality furniture, . The stable nature of mesquite and the rustic character of the wood, with its earthy grain and subtle imperfections, make mesquite furniture one of the most popular for adding rustic elegance to southwest and Spanish colonial decor. The dark reds and rich browns of our solid mesquite furniture will establish a rustic presence for you to build upon in your home.

Mesquite Furniture Collections @ Mexports


– Mesquite Square Coffee Tables
– Mesquite Round Coffee Tables
– Mesquite Rectangular & Oval Coffee Tables
– Mesquite Wood Bullnose Top Tables
– Mesquite Round Dining Tables
– Mesquite Rectangular Dining Tables
– Mesquite Conference Desk & Tables
– Mesquite Console & Entryway Tables
– Mesquite Side & Foyer Tables
– Mesquite Cabinet & Buffet Tables


When you walk into your living room you want to savor like you’re treading into a wraith. A Texas envisage full of blurbs that make you seem like you’re factually living out your culminating longevity. Our high-end mesquite furniture can alter your abode and relinquish the most Texan epoch viable.


Our all-inclusive array of  Mesquite coffee tables is adept to respite propium and rest your tootsies in the morning. Don’t worry about the mileage and fissure because these tables are made to last long. also if you ever spill your coffee on your Mesquite coffee table, worry not because it can handle that kind of damage.


This furniture won’t feel chip or wobble, because it’s made from a material that’s going to last. Every time you turn and look at it you won’t be able to help but laud yourself for making such a adept purchase.


Homespun Sturdy Mesquite Wood Forgings for Inexpungible Gentility. Our refined Mesquite furniture has the sui generis dexterity to beguile a plenary sweep and proliferate its ardor and yokel allure all over. Mesquite wood has the same acreages as other fine hardwoods. The staunch outlook of mesquite and the yokel mettle of the wood, with its folksy grain and exquisite fallibilities, make mesquite furniture one of the most faddish for reckoning bucolic felicity to southwest and Spanish colonial adornment. The dark reds and rich browns of our solid mesquite furniture implant a verdant latency for you to build upon in your home.


One area that needs to have the permanence of mesquite furniture is the dining room. It is an important area to any household and is a principal of high-end mesquite furniture. While selecting a dining table it needs to be kept in mind that it swivels cordial,  spawns you contented, and more importantly makes you feel like an actual comrade of the good ole West. At Mexports, we have just the requisite dining room tables for you and it starts with our high-end mesquite furniture. Our high-end mesquite furniture is made to last and our dining room tables will handle years of family dinners and dinner parties. Wine spills, food, and heat will all be no issue for your Mesquite dining room table. The durability of mesquite wood is just incontrovertible. The easy maintenance is just another unreal plus of high-end mesquite furniture. It’s also hard to not just love looking at high-end Mesquite furniture.


Types of mesquite wood

Honey mesquite

It has a medium to coarse texture and open pores with a natural luster. Its highly durable characteristic provides for its best use in furniture as it exhibits very little expansion or contraction.

Velvet mesquite

The velvet mesquite wood is very hard and quite attractive in furniture. The sapwood yields a yellow color, the heartwood a reddish-brown color which adds a sumptuous to your furniture style.


Screw bean mesquite

It is hard, durable, and highly attractive. It is basically used by customs workers. Screw bean mesquite is used for making small pieces of furniture and specialty decor items.

Process of woodworking

1. Best quality wood is selected from the storehouse.
2. The log is then cut down in the form of slabs.
3. It is then brushed and worked on for a smooth surface.
4. The natural grain pattern highlighted on the top of the log adds on to its beauty.
5. Then it is hand hammered or carpenter work is done to get the desired form of furniture.
6. Lastly the surface is polished, giving it a final touch


Features of Mesquite wood

Mesquite is an extremely stable wood more stable than any other hardwood, it is sure to keep your purchase good for years to fall. The intensive, straight-grain lumber with consistent color and characteristics over the entire face of the wood adds to the beauty and persona of the piece. When it comes to the real attraction of the room, here mesquite wood is nowhere left out, it adds an architectural feature.


The dining table forged of mesquite wood upscale it into a versatile piece of furniture that goes immaculately with rustic elegant spaces it leaves a classic casual accent that has an eye-catching appeal augmenting its beauteousness. It makes every day exciting and unique.


The stable nature of mesquite wood and its subtle imperfections give an eye-catching appeal. The grain pattern of mesquite wood highlights its voluptuous elegance with its artistic details. Its high durability provides for its sturdiness demarcating a bold and timeless statement adding a glorifying charm to your interior. In the contemporary world, Mesquite furniture is highly in demand because of its artistic imperfections and grain patterns which go well with your interior, and also its sustaining durability to withhold any sort of climatic condition adding to its sumptuousness. Mesquite is the favorite of all preferences both to work with and to endow for customers, it is sure to make your every day exciting and unique.


Exquisite and Diuturnal Furniture – Considering mesquite wood is exorbitantly callous and cramped, it is archetypal for concocting things like furniture. Minutes made from mesquite wood will last for decenniums and crave very meager alimony or nuisance to stay in great guise. Many woodworkers have also turned to mesquite for decorative woodworking over the years.

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